Scottsdale Custom Building Materials stocks a full-line of U-Need builders hardware and accessories in a wide variety of finishes.

Choose from Bi-Fold Knobs, Kick Down Door Stops, Floor Stops with Hook, Rigid and Spring Door Stops, Adjustable Hinge Pin Stops, Dutch Door Bolts, Edge Pulls, Finger Pulls, Gooseneck Floor Stops, High and Low Dome Floor Stops, 6″ and 12″ Flush Bolts, Heavy Duty Surface Bolts, Ball Catches, Heavy Duty Roller Catches, Sliding Passage and Pocket Door Pulls, Door Viewers and Wall Bumpers.

Our in-stock finishes include US-3, US-5, 10B, US-15, US-15A, Flat Black, US-26 and US-26D (not all items are available in all finishes).